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What is an SLA? Best practices for service-level agreements

New data alchemy: top tech leaders transform data into cash

New data alchemy: top tech leaders transform data into cash

Savvy CIOs in a variety of industries are generating additional revenue and value for their organizations by creating new data-driven products and services, a feat of IT alchemy wherein focus leads to financial reward.

Will CSOs Become CROs in the Future?

Is the chief security officer title destined to evolve into one that is about more than just security?

Hot Security Skills of 2013

Most successful CSOs will tell you it was a unique mix of skills that propelled them to their current position. Technical background is important, certainly, but practice in the business and excellence in communication are paramount...

Securing Facebook: with a Little Help From His 800 Million Friends

The eyes of the online world are on Joe Sullivan.

Brain Drain: Protecting Your Organization's IP

Global healthcare provider Best Doctors employs the most robust technologies and practices available to protect the privacy of its members' personal data--but that's just a part of doing business in this industry. Less obvious but...

Patent Trolls in our Midst

Intellectual property (IP) protections exist in U.S. law for the purpose of ensuring inventors and creators are compensated for their works, encouraging innovation.

5 Secrets to Building a Great Security Team

Here are five teambuilding lessons from Caterpillar's security organization.

Supply Chain Security Threats: 5 Game-Changing Forces

As any CSO knows, it's not enough to mind your own business. You have to look after your business partners as well, across all links that connect to your supply chain--whether that chain is physical or virtual. And that goes double in...

SMB Security: Five Bright Ideas

Adam Hansen is that rare bird in the small to midsize business (SMB) realm: He is a CSO. Hansen heads up security for Sonnenschein, Nath and Rosenthal, an 800-attorney law firm in Chicago.

How To Create A Know-It-All Company

Even in the best of times, it's a battle to convince employees to participate in knowledge management programs. But in tough times, the tendency is for employees to horde what they know. Here's how some companies convinced...

Proprietary to Open: Middleware Evolves

London institutional brokerage Prebon Yamane Group could be considered a throwback in at least one regard. In this age of ...

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