Linda Musthaler

Linda Musthaler is a principal analyst with Essential Solutions Corp., which researches the practical value of information technology and how it can make individual workers and entire organizations more productive. Essential Solutions offers consulting services to computer industry and corporate clients to help define and fulfill the potential of IT.

Small businesses are prime targets for cyberattacks: SIEM-as-a-service can help

Netsurion’s SIEM-at-the-Edge puts enterprise-level detection and response capabilities in the hands of SMBs

Four major trends in enterprise mobility  

Security models are evolving, cloud is changing the game, the desktop and mobile worlds are converging, and new regulations are emerging

Will the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation impact your business?  

The European Commission has approved the most stringent data privacy regulation anywhere and it is sure to impact businesses worldwide

Encrypted Data in the Cloud? Be Sure to Control Your Own Keys

Data encryption in the cloud is an absolute requirement these days. When you talk to your service providers about encryption, be sure to specify that you want to control your own keys.

Ayehu Extends IT Automation into Security Automation

Ayehu is pushing its customers into the realm of security automation through integration with security systems that generate alerts that can be automatically acted upon. This reduces time-to-mitigation for numerous types of events.

Improving Network Access Security for Unmanaged Devices

Unmanaged devices such as smartphones and guest users' laptops can be a real problem on any network. Experts from Avenda Systems provide best practice tips on how to balance network access security with the need for productivity.

Lost: a $49,000 Laptop Computer

According to Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a lost or stolen laptop PC is more than $49,000. Most of this cost is due to the exposure of sensitive data. The sooner you discover the PC is missing and take action to disable...

Data Masking Secures Sensitive Data in Non-Production Environments

Sensitive data is a part of every large organization's normal business practice. Allowing sensitive data from production applications to be copied and used for development and testing environments increases the potential for theft,...

Engineers Fix the Shortcomings of the Traditional Firewall

Do you find yourself putting a Band-Aid solution on a legacy firewall, such as strapping on an intrusion-prevention system here or antivirus software there? If the firewall is a security device, why should we have to surround it with...

Should IT Workers Get Paid To Do Nothing?

The jobs bank that the auto industry was forced to create in the 1980s has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to auto workers who have been displaced by automation, so that those workers can continue to collect paychecks. Should...

Top Data-Breach Causes

Data breaches often due to errors in systems and network settings, and hacking through remote access and web applications.

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