Louis Gerzofsky

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Louis Gerzofsky is the founder and president of EQ Executive Careers, a retained executive search and coaching firm focused on technology leaders. They offer search clients a one year, executive coaching Onboarding Program that helps ensure a successful transition for their newly hired candidate of choice. The program will be individually tailored for each client and new hire and was developed from my executive coaching practice. Louis's role is to lead search engagements and conduct the executive coaching programs.

Before founding EQ Executive Careers, Louis headed Stephen-Bradford Search's Retained Technology & Financial Services practice for C Level Executives and the leadership teams around them. He was a executive search consultant specializing in C level leadership roles in Technology and the Financial Services and an Executive Development Coach who helps senior technology executives rapidly reach and surpass their career goals.

Louis has also been Vice President of Senior Technology Recruiting and Executive Career Development at JB Homer Associates; President of Global Treasury Resources, Inc., a retained search boutique that focused on technology and financial services senior leadership roles; Head of Treasury and Capital Markets Search at A-L Associates; and Director of Treasury Services Search at Options, Inc.

Louis received his B.A. in Literature at SUNY Buffalo.

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