Melissa Aparicio

Multimedia Correspondent

Melissa Aparicio is multimedia correspondent for the IDG News Service, and is based in San Francisco.

Skully Heads-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet Available for Preorder

Startup offers Netflix-like clothes rentals for women

Le Tote subscribers pay $49 per month to get totes with outfits and accessories that they can keep or exchange.

Nvidia Wants to Steer its Tegra K1 Into Driverless Cars

Nvidia sees driverless cars as a big opportunity for its new mobile processor

Meet UBR-1, a Robot That Can Stock Shelves, Work Alongside People

The Silicon Valley startup Unbounded Robotics wants to make its $50,000 robot a platform to develop the industrial worker of the future.

Tech Tip: How to change the default font in Microsoft Word

Set a new default font so that every document you start in Word uses the font settings that you want.

How to Organize Your Browser By Using Pinned Tabs

Keep your favorite Web apps organized in your browser

A look at the world's most powerful X-ray laser

Research at SLAC's Linac Coherent Light Source is used to develop future data storage systems and electronics

Sony Shows Smarteyeglass Prototype to Developers

There's no word yet when the Google Glass competitor will be released

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