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How to network: 17 tips for shy people

How to network: 17 tips for shy people

How to network: 17 tips for shy people

Shy? Networking probably feels like a brutal trial by fire. These 17 strategies will help you do it well -- and keep your sanity.

Career Advice: Parting Words

I have a confession to make: I never felt completely comfortable giving out job search and career advice as the author of's Career Connection blog. It wasn't that I thought I was giving out bad advice.

Cloud Computing Skills Shortage Forces CIOs to Grow Their Own

CIOs, technology vendors and consultants agree that a serious shortage of cloud computing skills across the IT industry threatens to impede adoption and deployments. A CIO's best bet for addressing this dearth of talent is to focus on...

How to Tell If an Email Is a Phishing Scam

As email phishing operations have grown more sophisticated and convincing, it's harder for even savvy corporate email users to determine whether an email is authentic or fake. Here, presents an example of a particularly...

IT Salaries: 10 Cities Where IT Professionals Earn the Most

IT staffing firm CyberCoders recently released its ranking of the 10 cities where IT salaries are highest. compares this latest salary data with IT salary surveys from other sources.

How to Hire Software Developers: Quixey Has an App for That

With venture capital again flowing, technology-driven companies are struggling to find qualified software engineers. A lack of skilled developers can threaten a companys product plans and revenue goals. To address this challenge,...

10 Best U.S. Cities for IT Jobs with Tech Startups

10 Best U.S. Cities for IT Jobs with Tech Startups

Tech startups have long attracted IT professionals to their payrolls, lured by the opportunity to work on cool projects with new technologies. If you're seeking the thrill of startup life (and the prospect of IPO riches), head to one...

Mobile Malware: Beware Drive-by Downloads on Your Smartphone

Drive-by downloads are coming to your smartphone, and they're harder to detect than traditional PC-based versions. Here's how you can protect yourself, your users and your enterprise from mobile drive-by downloads.

How Project Managers Can Negotiate Higher Salaries

How Project Managers Can Negotiate Higher Salaries

The Project Management Institute's latest salary survey is chockfull of specific, reliable data that project managers can use to negotiate higher salaries. Here's an example of how they might use the data in their own salary...

IT Professionals Lack Confidence in the Security of Their Systems

Results of a new survey speak to the inadequacies of corporate security measures as well as the persistence of ever-growing security threats.

Why IT Managers Need to Address Skills Shortages in Their Organizations

IT managers know that skills shortages in their organizations negatively impact business operations, yet—due to budget and time constraints—they do little to address IT skills gaps. Is there any way to fix this problem?

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