Morag Barrett

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Morag Barrett's experience ranges from senior executive coaching to developing high impact teams across Europe, America and Asia. She is a highly effective speaker and is regularly invited to speak and national and international events.

Morag is a contributor to and have been featured in, business insider,, American Management Association and the Association for Training and Development.

Morag writes and speaks on all aspects of the "people side" to successful business. On these topics, she's written the books Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships and The Future-Proof Workplace.

Morag draws from a deep and unique operational skill set. Her corporate career started in retail banking with Royal Bank of Scotland Group in the UK. With 15 years experience in the finance industry, she understands the challenges of running a business as well as the complexities of leading and managing the people that are part of that business.

Prior to launching SkyeTeam in 2007, Morag was responsible for global leadership and executive development in a U.S. Telecoms company. Since launching SkyeTeam she has had the opportunity to work with clients in a range of industries including: healthcare, telecoms, mining, manufacturing, engineering, and technology.

Morag earned a Master of Human Resource Management and received the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) designation. She is a recognized business coach for the Corporate Coach University and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the UK.

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How to build a high-performing team when you work virtually

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New job? 8 steps to successfully navigate the first 90 days

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Forget the 'elephant in the room' – instead beware the 'dinosaur in the park!'

Forget the 'elephant in the room' – instead beware the 'dinosaur in the park!'

We all know the metaphor of the ‘elephant in the room.' The issue we see, the discomfort we feel, but over time become used to living with. When did you last skirt an issue or ignore the elephant in the room? Unfortunately, unlike...

6 steps to great leadership

In my experience, soft skills are the "secret sauce" to effective leadership. However, when I talk to leaders in companies around the nation, those “soft skills” are often overlooked as a priority when organizations focus on the...

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The role of the CIO/ CTO is undergoing a major shift. For many of my client organizations the CIO/CTO is at the heart of a digital transformation that's redefining how business gets done. What separates the average from the great...

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