Nitesh Bansal

Senior Vice President and Global Head for Engineering Services at Infosys Limited

Nitesh is passionate about bridging the physical-digital divide, advocating AI, machine learning and process automation to amplify business value. He has worked with numerous clients helping them understand ways to leverage Industry 4.0 and IoT technologies leading to digitization and improvements in manufacturing operations, and effectively use servitization for new revenue models. Nitesh is also responsible for leading the innovation charter for Infosys and has a core group of researchers who focus on technology trends and their intersection with business value. This group works on Horizon 3 and Horizon 2 technologies and has been responsible for launching services like Autonomous Technologies, Additive Manufacturing, Software Defined Networking and 5G, that have now become mainstream. One of the key focus areas for Nitesh has been to drive value through transformation of networks – going from significantly hardware based to software based systems. He is actively involved in helping both network providers and enterprises to identify and drive value through technology transformations. Nitesh is on the Executive Supplier Advisory Board (E-SAB) of Open Networking Foundation (ONF). He is a regular speaker at recognized business schools and also a member of the Industry Advisory Board of the Tauber Institute of Global Operations as well as Ross School of Business at University of Michigan.

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Technology and Connectivity Transforming the Auto Industry

Technology and Connectivity Transforming the Auto Industry

The auto industry is on the verge of a revolution. Cars are an integral component of multi-modal, on-demand transportation systems. Under the influence of new technologies, the old view of the family car – or cars – as a necessity...

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