Owen McCall

Digital versus analogue

... and why I am no fan of 'transformation'

The role of the CIO

So how do you create a high-performing IT team? The answer is deceptively simple: You add value when you fulfil your organisation’s needs and expectations around the use of technology.

Perspective taking and the fine art of nemawashi

If you see yourself as part of a greater whole, your focus shifts to understanding how your role contributes to the overall picture.

Six tips for award entrants: One judge’s view

Owen McCall lifts the lid on which entries will stand out in upcoming ICT awards.

Innovation and change: When leaders are the problem

Lack of a ‘21st century leadership’ is hampering innovation across industries today, writes Owen McCall.

We want to be digital, but what does that mean?

...And if by chance you do become digital in the face of little agreement on what it means, what's the chance it will actually add value to your organisation?

When it comes to value, execution rules

Perhaps Mike Tyson summarised this best (or at least most brutally) when he said, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."

How to transform technology from a negative disruptive force to a positive opportunity

In my previous column, I wrote, when it comes to digital, always start with ‘why’! But what if your organisation doesn't have a clearly defined purpose?

When it comes to digital, always start with ‘why’!

When considering the impact of new and emerging technology on our business, we need to start our enquiry from a deep understanding of why our organisation exists in the first place.

Persistent problems and conventional thinking

Most commentators report that 50 per cent of our projects fail. Until we change these statistics, we will continue to struggle to deliver to our organisations and we will struggle to be taken seriously in the executive room.

Facilitated governance: Why it should be on the CIO agenda

What to do when IT is seen as 'the department of no'

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