Patrick Sweeney

Executive Director, Dell Security

Patrick Sweeney serves as the Executive Director for Security Product Management at Dell. Patrick has more than 20 years' experience in high tech product management and product marketing. Prior to his role at Dell, he was SonicWALL's Vice-President, Product Management & Corporate Marketing, where he oversaw its Network Security, Content Security, Business Continuity and Policy & Management product lines. A security leader, Patrick came to Dell as part of its SonicWALL acquisition in May, 2012.

What Surprises Lurk in Your Encrypted Traffic?

In the chess game of network security, it’s not unusual for hackers to respond to new security measures with novel types of threats. But one of the latest threats to emerge goes a step further, actually using some of the...

Cyber Security of Industrial Systems: The Risks that Lie in Client Machines

In 2010, the Stuxnet computer worm was identified as the first-ever cyber-weapon to attack a particular industrial target. Specifically aimed at the SCADA systems used for supervisory control of industrial processes, the malware...

Securing the Distributed Enterprise

No business installs an alarm system and posts guards at the main entrance while leaving the back door unprotected. Yet, distributed organizations including retailers, banks, hospitals, government agencies, and even managed...

Defending Against Exploit Kits

Exploit kits comprised of malicious programs that identify and then attack cyber-vulnerabilities and spread malware represent the dark but massively profitable side of cybersecurity attacks.

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