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Rich Mogull is a security analyst at Securosis. He's the security editor at TidBits and has been covering security for 20 years.

How FBI vs. Apple could cripple corporate and government security

Why the FBI's request to Apple will affect civil rights for a generation

Why the FBI's request to Apple will affect civil rights for a generation

No legal case applies in a vacuum, and in this case the FBI needs the precedence more than the evidence.

How the NSA Snoop-Proofs its Macs

The NSA (the National Security Agency, or, as some people prefer, No Such Agency) has found itself in the spotlight lately, owing in large part to leaks from former contractor Edward Snowden. But although the agency has been in hot...

Java Security Threats: What You Need to Know

First, the bad news. Once again, Mac users are at risk due to a flaw in Java, similar to the one that enabled the Flashback Trojan. Even worse, there isn't (yet) a patch to fix that vulnerability. But don't worry: This time around,...

Protect Your Privacy: Take Control of Social Networking

Maintaining privacy on social networks is much like hanging all your dirty laundry on a highway billboard--and then asking only your friends to look. While it's possible to avoid sharing your life's story with the entire world, it...

Mac Security: What You Can Ignore

When you say "computer security," most people think "viruses," "worms," and other forms of malware. They also think, "Mac users don't have to worry about it." And they're correct. But that could always change. So it pays to keep your...

Mac Security Reality-Check: Scams

In the endless debates about Mac security--is the Mac platform inherently safer than Windows? what security measures should Mac users take?--one point is often overlooked: The biggest chink in computer security isn't necessarily in...

Super-Safe Web Browsing

As a security analyst and researcher, I often find myself exploring some of the darker corners of the Internet. In the course of staying current on security issues, I frequently must browse the sorts of Web sites no average person...

The Truth About Apple, Security and Responsibility

The vast majority of Mac users merely want to know what risks they really face, and how to keep their system safe.

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