Rohan Light

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Rohan works in the change management domain, specializing in business risk, enterprise analytics and innovation strategy. The focus of his practice is the decision behavior of groups. He uses his U.K. Cabinet Office Management of Portfolios qualification to wrap everything together.

He teaches a strategic thinking class at Victoria University of Wellington and writes about issues of justice on Switch & Shift, "The Human Side of Business." He gathers his thoughts on the evolution of management on his own blog,

He volunteers as the chairman of the SAS Users of New Zealand, New Zealand's longest standing and largest analytics user community. His purpose is to help build a world-class analytics capability for New Zealand. He also stages an analytics event.

He grew up on a farm where he learned pragmatism, system thinking and plain talking. He cut his teeth as a young professional working in the central administrations of multinationals in London. He learned service business management in the hospitality industry.

He started working through public sector management questions at the New Zealand Treasury while handling ministerial correspondence on tax, infrastructure and economic policies. He commenced internal consultant work in the New Zealand Inland Revenue service with a series of specialized roles in the risk, design, portfolio management and business group domains.

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