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Rohan Pearce is the editor of Computerworld Australia with a background in tech journalism that predates the iPhone. He is a nerd with an interest in open source who still hasn’t been able to throw out his Red Hat 3.0.3 CDs Just In Case. Also, he has cats.

FAQ: How the Australian Financial Accountability Regime (FAR) will affect CIOs

Nova Group hunts new IT chief

Nova Group hunts new IT chief

South Australian-headquartered professional services and engineering group Nova has begun recruiting for a new chief information officer.

ACCC CIO apologises for privacy breach

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's CIO, Adrian Walkden, has issued an apology to subscribers of ACCC email lists. The organisation discovered late last week that the email addresses of subscribers to a number of its...

Tasmania lays foundations for e-health overhaul

Tasmania's Department of Health and Human Services has gone to market seeking foundational building blocks for an ICT strategy that will drive better outcomes and options for patients, according to the department's deputy CIO.

Australian enterprises still wary of cloud

For all the hype around cloud, most Australian enterprises are not yet ready to let go of on-premise technology deployments in most cases, according to market insights firm Kable.

Leadership key to Medibank's activity-based working transformation

Leadership buy-in has been vital as Medibank prepares for its activity-based working transition, according to the head of the ABW program at the health insurer, David Goldsworthy.

Government seeks industry input on ERP efficiency

The Department of Finance and Deregulation has issued a call for engagement by industry as it seeks to develop a medium to long-term strategic approach to enterprise resource planning systems used by public sector agencies.

Be happy through success or find success through happiness?

Being successful won't necessarily make you happy, but according to Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage and CEO of GoodThink, happiness can help raise levels of success. It's somewhat of an inversion of what people...

CBA’s CIO seeks to build a ‘new intimacy’ with customers

Commonwealth Bank chief information officer Michael Harte wants to resurrect the intimacy that banks and their customers used to have.

Can infrastructure be Agile?

Agile is still most commonly associated with software development projects, but the management methods and culture change of Agile don't have to be limited to delivering working code to internal or external customers.

‘Frictionless’ collaboration with activity-based working

Twenty-five per cent of CEOs will be looking at activity-based working (ABW) within two years, according to figures cited by Ed Cortis. And that’s likely to be a positive thing in most workplaces, the head of solution delivery at...

Big data is BS: Obama campaign CTO

Big data, according to Harper Reed, is "bullshit". It's a surprising sentiment from the man, who as chief technology officer of the Obama for America campaign helped head up the tech side of re-electing the US president in what was...

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