Sandra Gittlen

Contributing Writer

Sandra Gittlen is a freelance writer and editor in the greater Boston area. She covers a range of topics, including technology, business, healthcare, financial and lifestyle.

Social intelligence: How to mine social media for business results

Warding Off Those BlackBerry Blues

As BlackBerry maker Research in Motion turns the page on one of the most tumultuous months in its history, word comes from The that former CEO Mike Lazaridis is adding $50 million worth of stock in the mobile giant to his...

Cloud Decision Time for CFOs

Worldwide revenue from cloud services is expected to reach $55.5 billion in 2014, according to IDC. With a compound annual growth rate of 27.4%, the cloud is set for quite a trajectory.

For CFOs with IT Duties: a Checklist

Start 2012 with tough questions about your skills, and about how best to blend finance and tech.

Putting a Lock on Password Management

A cancer diagnostics firm is using a single sign-on service to secure a growing pool of SaaS subscriptions.

Making Sense of a Tangled CRM Field

Few would argue that has made customer relationship management a household name. But the field of CRM competitors is continuing to swell, with software makers and service providers of all sizes challenging the pioneer.

Giving Thanks for Human Capital

With the national unemployment rate at 9%, we're set to close out 2011 with workers still on edge. As an executive, it's up to you to help calm fears among your employees about this economy, and to get them to help your business stay...

Cartoon Company Uses Cloud Computing to Reduce Data Center Costs

Cookie Jar Entertainment, a producer and distributor of children's cartoons, turned to cloud computing in 2008 to meet the company's growing computing needs without having to grow its data centers.

Company Docs in the Cloud: the Risks and Rewards

DropBox, GoogleDocs, Microsoft Office 365, SkyDox ... the field of companies urging you to put your documents in the cloud is growing by the minute. Appealing as this concept might seem, CFOs and IT teams have to take a step back and...

At-Home Workers Need Special Attention

Here in New England, many of us endured (some are still enduring) the after-effects of an early winter weather wallop. Last weekend's "Snow-tober" storm, while not a typical showstopper in terms of snowfall amounts, made the strongest...

An Upbeat Finance Poll?

Each week, it seems, I see a new poll that charts the glum outlook of corporate executives and their fears about a double-dip recession and, not so long ago, a depression. So you can imagine my surprise when one arrived that had...

Finance and 'Business Improvement' Tech

Carrot or stick? That's the big question when it comes to emerging business-improvement technologies, such as analytics and spend management. Business improvement is the moniker I use for a category that transcends traditional...

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