Sarah D. Scalet

Sarah D. Scalet

Senior Editor

Sarah D. Scalet is a senior editor for CSO magazine, a contributor to CIO magazine and a noted expert on information security.

How to Protect Consumer Data Privacy: A Proposal

CSO conducted an online discussion forum among legal and security experts, with some consumers weighing in, and came up with a proposal for a national data breach privacy law.

Report Card on Government's Compliance With Secure ID Mandate

Federal agencies have issued few secure, smart ID cards to federal workers and contractors.

Federal Agencies Lag on Secure ID Card Mandate

The number of HSPD-12-compliant smart cards issued by the federal government remains minuscule.

Governance: A Higher Power

When State Street acquired a Deutsche Bank company, it had to decide whether to keep or retire more than 900 inherited applications.

How to Conduct a Vulnerability Assessment

How to Conduct a Vulnerability Assessment

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Roger Johnston talks about how aliens, Elvis impersonators and your worst security users can help you find and fix security problems.

The 5 Myths of RFID

For well over two years now, every single bottle of OxyContin that's bound for either Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, or US-based H.D. Smith, a midsize drug wholesaler, has been slapped with a special label that's hailed as...

What Banks Tell Online Customers About Their Security

What Banks Tell Online Customers About Their Security

Six months after the FFIEC's rules for strong authentication took effect, we test what the country's three biggest banks tell their customers about online security.

Introducing AT&T, Your Internet Security Company

AT&T wants to clean up the Internet's vast flows of junk—and earn profits for doing so. How their plans move forward will impact the idea of net neutrality.

Radio-Frequency ID (RFID) as an Answer to Pharmaceutical Drug Counterfeiting

Five myths about how Radio-Frequency ID (RFID) technology will stop counterfeit drugs.

Drugs, RFID and the Legislative Tangle

The fed's push to trace the movement of drugs has been slowed, but several states have stepped in with rules of their own.

Product Testing, Contract Process Delay Government Smart Cards

HSPD-12, an IT-centric project to create standard ID cards for federal facilities is proceeding, slowly.

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