Stan Gibson

Principal, Stan Gibson Communications

Stan Gibson, is an award-winning technology editor, writer and speaker. His editorial positions include Executive Editor at eWEEK and PC Week, News Editor at Communications Week, Software Editor at Computerworld and Senior Managing Editor for IDG Communications Strategic Marketing Services.

ISO 27018 compliance: Here's what you need to know

Beacon technology: Download our free PDF

In this free PDF download, you’ll get a top level overview of beacon technology – what it is, and how beacons use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) wireless links to communicate with mobile devices. In the enterprise, there are several...

Memo to CIOs: Cash In On That Data!

Memo to CIOs: Cash In On That Data!

It’s possible to generate new revenue streams and build entirely new businesses from vast amounts of data that are just waiting for the right combination of analysis and initiative.

Real Time: Real Insights

Real Time: Real Insights

Several real-time big data analytics services rolled out in recent months leverage the changing economics of performing real-time analytics on large data sets.

Boosting Collaboration with Mobile Workspaces

Not that long ago you faced a choice: collaborate or be mobile. To collaborate, you had to be physically near other people so you could speak with them, hear their ideas and share documents. Being mobile meant sacrificing that...

The Transformative Power of Containers

The Transformative Power of Containers

Containers are poised to transform the way we build and use applications.

Building the C-Suite Mobile Workspace

Chances are, your enterprise has embraced mobility -- nearly everyone has one or more mobile devices, whether smart phone, laptop or tablet. It’s your job to ensure the mobile users are getting a good experience – and chances are...

Cloud-Based Management for Cloud-Based Apps

Cloud-Based Management for Cloud-Based Apps

As mobile devices take on greater roles in the workplace, mobile device management takes on increased urgency.

The Five Common Mobility Errors

The mobile enterprise is the BYOD enterprise. That may be one reason some organizations have failed to take a comprehensive approach to enabling mobility. A few years ago, when a handful of people started bringing in their smart...

NetScaler: Making the Mobile Enterprise Happen

You’re a customer rep about to go on a sales call in a country where hacking is considered a sport. You need all the latest information on the prospect you’re about to visit. To get it, the application on your iPad needs to access...

Time to Rethink Mobile Security

Today’s mobile enterprise calls for a complete rethink of security. Not only do your people want access to email, they also need to use Windows, Web and native mobile apps, accessing data in the cloud, in the data center and on...

BYOD Done Right: The Mobile Workspace

It all started when someone, somewhere, brought an iPhone to work. Then, someone else brought an Android device; then an iPad appeared. Just as a blizzard starts with a single snowflake, so the BYOD revolution began quietly,...

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