Stephen Lawson

Senior U.S. Correspondent

Stephen Lawson is Senior U.S. Correspondent based in San Francisco.

Stort je bedrijf niet overhaast in het Internet of Things

Daar moet je goed over nadenken

BlackBerry is een prima koop voor Samsung

Beide bedrijven ontkennen een overname, maar de fabrikanten passen verdraaid goed bij elkaar.

Deze software bepaalt wat jij wilt weten

Deze business intelligence weet waar jij naar op zoek bent.

EMC Bets Big on Flash Storage

The vendor gets aggressive about enterprise flash arrays, but faces challenges in the data center

Tape Storage Finds New Life in the Enterprise and Beyond

Tape is not dead--far from it. In fact, many enterprises depend on it for cost-effective long-term storage. Tape is also finding new applications in the virtualized and increasingly video-centric world of IT. As enterprises deal with...

Cisco Aggressively Branches Out Into the Data Center

Best known as a networking vendor, Cisco is taking on IBM and HP with its Unified Computing System

'Big data' is kans en uitdaging

De hoeveelheid data blijft groeien. Net zoals het aantal tools om die data te managen. Goed gebruikmaken van al die data is echter niet eenv

Joining the Unified Storage Crowd

EMC is catching up as it adapts its product line to support unified storage. Can it maintain its influence?


Five Things You Need to Know About LTE

LTE, or long-term evolution service, is poised to be the new world standard for mobile data. Here are five things that set it apart from its predecessors.

What CIOs Should Know About Cisco’s UCS Platform

With UCS, Cisco aims to capture a larger share of your data-center budget. Here’s why that matters—and why it doesn’t.


Cloud Storage: How it Helps Companies Expand Globally

Cloud storage can help companies get operations up and running quickly in a new location.

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