Stephen Parry

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Stephen Parry is an international leader and strategist specializing in the creation of service enterprises that are adaptive, innovative, and engaging. He has a world-class reputation for creating global organizations with superior service climates by changing the way employees, managers, and leaders think about the business.

He has implemented his transformation work globally in IT, shared-services, and financial services. He has also worked in the public sector with police authorities and local councils. Stephen is passionate about people and their development. He believes organizations must be designed around the needs of customers through the applications of employee creativity, innovation, and willing contribution.

Stephen is the author of Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose (Palgrave).

National Business Awards’ Best Customer Service Strategy: Judges declared his strategy an organizational transformation that demonstrated a cultural change that could demonstrate significant business growth, innovation, and success.

European Service Industry’s Best People Development Programme

European Service Industry’s Personal Award for Innovation and Creativity

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Firefighting: How do we know when IT and cloud organisations have gone over the tipping point?

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Big picture collaboration – the key to adaptability

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