Subrata Mukherjee

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Subrata Mukherjee is a results-focused and seasoned digital leader based in New York City with nearly 25 years experience advocating large scale business transformation initiatives in media, information, retail, insurance and service sector. Subrata is an award-winning executive standing at the crossroads of Technology, Marketing and Customer delight. He has worked with Global Tier 1 companies transforming traditional business models and evolving them for future customer needs. Currently he is the Vice President of Product at The Economist and heads up all its digital innovation activities.

Subrata has been most recognized in the industry for his exemplary work at The Economist where he and his team implemented a very ambitious best of breed ecosystem to form a backbone for the entire subscription marketing stack (eCommerce, CRM, subscription management, paywall, single sign-on and DMP) as part of hedging its bet on the subscription economy instead of relying on advertising revenue. Many of its competitors in the UK are trying to replicate this fete and he has been interviewed by Information Age, V3, Diginomica and a few other European media organizations. He has also won Folio's Top 100 most influential people in publishing media award in 2016 for this initiative.

He has an MBA in Marketing from Jadavpur University, India and a MS in Technology Management from Columbia University in NYC.

He is a first generation immigrant who came from India where he worked on a few marquee public-private initiatives. Some of the notable ones include leading technology and access control of a heritage theme park built on an abandoned urban garbage dump. He also created the first 3D concept model for expansion of Calcutta's city boundaries by reclaiming swamp land. He was a well known freelance technology journalist for over 10 years for the Knowhow desk for The Telegraph. He is often a panelist and a speaker on many renowned Tech conferences in U.S. and UK. He can be followed on Twitter @sumutech.

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