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16 famous ERP disasters, dustups and disappointments

What is CRM? Software for managing customer data

What is CRM? Software for managing customer data

Equal parts strategy and technology, customer relationship management (CRM) is about using data to understand your customers—and boost sales.

The top 5 supply chain management vendors

The top 5 supply chain management vendors

Gartner report breaks down top SCM vendors SAP, Oracle, JDA Software, Infor and Manhattan Associates by 2016 revenue and market share, noting 9.8 percent revenue growth in the $11.2 billion market.

What is supply chain management (SCM)? Mastering logistics end to end

What is supply chain management (SCM)? Mastering logistics end to end

Supply chain management (SCM) enables enterprises to source the raw materials or components needed to create a product or service and deliver that product or service to customers.

Wat is een CRM systeem?

Jouw Customer Relationship Management (CRM) gids.

IT in 2020: Will It Even Exist?

On this day when the "Snowpacolypse" is bearing down on New England, I'm reminded of a popular Yankee euphemism that goes something like this: "If you don't like the weather, just wait a second, because it's bound to change." The...

The Long and Windy Road to Oracle's Fusion Applications

Oracle has laid out the Fusion Apps roadmap for its customers. But how each customer actually gets to the Fusion Apps destination is another question altogether.

Like It or Not, Here Comes the Facebook-ization of ERP

This much you should know: Resistance to Enterprise 2.0 talk is futile. In 2011, Social Media-inspired, Facebook-like business applications are going to be all the rage...or so we're being told.

An IT Industry Festivus Celebration: My Airing of Grievances

Gather 'round, everyone, because Festivus is upon us (celebrated December 23, for all you non-Seinfeld aficionados), and it's about time we got started. "IT'S A FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US!"

AltaVista's View Was Nice, for a Moment in Time

AltaVista will be "sunsetted" soon--reminding us that even though the bubbly mid-90's seems like a century ago, the Web is merely a toddler.

12 Tech Survey Topics That Should Die in 2011

Enough is enough: We don't need any more surveys about "dramatic Facebook usage" or "CIOs' interest in cloud." Because 100 percent of this research is an introduction to the obvious.

SAP's Not-So-Secret Weapon: Its Own CIO

Oliver Bussmann, now a year into his tenure as CIO for SAP, has re-invented and raised the profile of the ERP vendor's CIO role. One key: Sharing with customers his ongoing experiences with a huge SAP environment.

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