Alyssa Burkus is the founder of Shift Wisdom, an organizational strategy and change leadership solutions company in Toronto, Ontario. She works with leaders and HR teams to make implementing change a competitive advantage, and she writes and speaks about change leadership and organization culture, all with a goal of helping leaders create great places to work. Because really, isn’t life too short to hate where you work?

She is also a passionate advocate in the cancer community and is a past board member and past chair of Lymphoma Canada, a national cancer charity.

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Articles by Alyssa.Burkus

Leadership DNA

Understanding your culture ROI

Measuring employee engagement is only the first step in investing in your employee culture. You need to build a plan for deeper engagement to get the true ROI.
June 1, 2016
Leadership DNA

How to build leadership DNA skills

If you weren’t born with the leadership skills you need to be successful as a CIO in the continuously-changing environment we work in today, don’t worry. You can evolve them.
April 28, 2016