Aman Mann is the CEO and co-founder at Procurify, a spend management software company that raised a $7 Million Series A last year. During his time at Procurify, he has worked with hundreds of companies across the world to help them take control of their spending.

Procurify was founded as a school project that grew from 30 team members last year in 2016 to 70 this year. Our company was founded on a strong focus on team culture and the belief that there is no such thing as failure, but only an outcome. Whether negative or positive, that outcome then becomes an opportunity, and that will get us to where we want to be and how we will achieve our goals.

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Why rate of change should be the most important metric in your company
Spend Culture

Why rate of change should be the most important metric in your company

Rate of change is your company's capacity to generate new ideas, and act on them. Most disruptive companies that challenged the status quo, and became industry leaders were not interested in looking for mere strategic advantages, or incremental improvements over the competition. They resolutely cultivated a culture that empowered their teams to breed new ideas, and bring them to life.
August 24, 2017