Andrew Horne, IT practice leader at CEB, has worked with thousands of chief information officers globally over the last 17 years to understand how technology enables new ways of working, business models, products and services.

Recognizing the potential for IT to drive productivity and innovation in every part of an organization, Andrew helps CIOs and their teams cut through the hype around emerging technologies and address the most pressing challenges that prevent organizations from extracting full value from technology. For nearly two decades, Andrew has partnered with IT leaders to grow their businesses and progress in their careers. Equipping them with data-driven insights, strategic guidance and practical, real-world examples about using technology to improve corporate agility and maximize business opportunities.

Most recently, Andrew and his team have focused on helping CIOs navigate fast-changing business needs: preparing for board-level conversations about digital transformations, influencing and advising peers on technology decision-making outside of IT, and designing a more adaptive, service-based IT organization. He has authored numerous global studies on topics including IT strategy development, business intelligence and big data, accelerating IT clock speed, and IT innovation.

Andrew graduated with Honors in History and Economics from University College London. He worked in research and public policy roles in Philadelphia and Washington and now resides in West London. In his spare time, Andrew is a keen traveler preferring to go off the beaten track– experiencing new places, different cultures and trying local delicacies – and has traveled across seas, through jungles, up hills and down rivers in many different countries.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Andrew Horne and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

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IT should challenge, not just build relationships

The skillset of the modern IT team is similar to the sales department says CEB's Andrew Horne, who urges CIOs to recruit people who can challenge the conceptions of what IT can do for business
June 25, 2012