Billy Cina is the CEO of Marketing Envy, a B2B tech and startup marketing agency that specializes in inbound and outbound marketing through online content and social media, PPC lead generation and marketing automation. Portfolio companies include Canonical/Ubuntu, HP Scitex, Fuji Xerox, Cloudyn, BlazeMeter, AquaSecurity, Coronet, CyberInt, Portnox, illusive networks, Forter, Secdo and PlainID.

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Articles by Billy.Cina

Tales from a Startup Marketer

Don’t blame it on the PR agency

Hiring a PR agency is usually fraught with anxiety. They are expensive. Will they do a good job? Will they work hard enough? Will they get you the coverage you deserve? While there are many success stories, things don't always work out as planned. While the customer is 'always right,' the agency is far from 'always to blame.' Here's how to succeed with your PR investment.
August 3, 2016
Tales from a Startup Marketer

CMO vs. VP sales: The inevitable battle

There's a reason why at first opportunity the roles of a startup's VP of sales and marketing are separated. Sales and marketing teams are not powered by the same motives, nor incentivized by the same results, and this means that they can not effectively report to the same person for long. Startups are difficult enough to manage; living with role-generated schizophrenia makes goal achievement nigh on impossible.rnrnDo I hear you saying "not so in my company"? Show me a company with a VP of sales and marketing and I guarantee there is one team that is getting far more love, attention and success than the other.rn
June 29, 2016
Tales from a Startup Marketer

Why I almost quit my job as CMO of a very successful startup

All startups live for the day that they close a funding round. Seed, Round A, Round B etc etc. This is the validation that not only they (and their mom) believe in their revolutionary technology and company. However, significant funding changes every facet of the company and requires a different modus operandi. Not all management and team members jump on the same page at the same pace. On top of that, the company certainly requires different skill sets from their employees in order to reach the next goal post... and boost growth. The marketing function spearheads the company changes and in doing so, must embrace many growing pains. This is a tale of one ambitious CMO of a newly funded startup.
May 31, 2016
Tales from a Startup Marketer

Are you killing your startup’s chances for success?

How your entrepreneur type influences your chances of success. Startup founders (very) generally speaking fall into two camps. The geniuses, who create a product of love and hope enough people want or need it too. The problem solvers, who have created a market viable product based on in depth research and an understanding of market need. Both have chances of success but their course and requirements pre-investment will be vastly different.
May 12, 2016
Tales from a Startup Marketer

When should I start to market my startup?

Many startup founders are often left scratching their heads whenever it comes to the topic of marketing. They know it’s important to their business, but have no idea what they should be doing first, nor how it ties in with their business. The reality, in the world of startups there is no business without marketing.
April 5, 2016