Brian Hopkins is vice president and principal analyst at Forrester. Brian covers systems of insight, big data, data management, and analytics technology architecture and strategy, and he leads Forrester's emerging technology and technology innovation research. His research provides practical advice to architects and technology strategists seeking to embrace the business technology (BT) agenda with emerging digital technology, big data, analytics and insights to execution technologies.

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Articles by Brian.Hopkins

Practicing Enterprise Architecture

The Anthropology of Data

I was asked recently where I though data was going; after mulling my answer for a few days I decided I'm not happy with it. My new answer is this - data is moving from being a matter of archeology to anthropology.
July 12, 2010
Practicing Enterprise Architecture

The Quantum of Integration

If you've read books such as the Dancing Wu Li Masters or are otherwise familiar with quantum mechanics, you have probably heard the idea that at its most fundamental level, reality does not exist until the observer interacts with it.
July 6, 2010