Chris Bedi, ServiceNow CIO, is transforming the IT organization to drive business results. He has applied service management disciplines within ServiceNow to streamline and automate a number of areas, leading to significant year-on-year improvements. During his current tenure, he helped drive the acceleration of the business, despite a few challenges such as scaling for rapid revenue and employee growth.

In addition to his achievements within ServiceNow, Chris is using his experiences to help other CIOs on the imperative of driving Enterprise Velocity. He speaks at various CIO and IT Leadership Summits across the country and challenges IT Leaders to disrupt the status quo and transform their organizations so it drives business results. Chris views IT as the foundation for every business function that ultimately leads to servicing the customer and feels IT is uniquely positioned to help their companies achieve the next level of velocity.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Chris Bedi and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

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