A psychologist and expert in human behavior, Dr. Cindy Wahler has extensive and broad based experience in positioning organizations for success, within both the private and public sectors. She has managed a successful private practice since 1987.

Cindy has extensive experience in designing and implementing a wide range of corporate leadership programs, including leadership assessment, executive coaching, succession planning, and talent management. She has consulted to a wide range of corporate sectors that include financial services, insurance, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, accounting, logistics, technology. The focus is on identifying and developing actionable leadership behaviors that are critical to driving company strategy. Emphasis is placed on identifying those individuals who have potential over the long term as well as positioning the organization for the future by developing next generation leaders. Cindy contributes to enhanced job performance, overall productivity and realization of goals by clearly establishing strengths and competencies, identifying high potential performers, and enriching the succession planning process.

She is an executive coach who is recognized for enhancing communication skills, leadership style and mentoring capabilities to increase the bench strength of an organization. She is an expert in assisting organizations and individuals remove obstacles to success, identify leaders who are off track and increase overall leadership competency.

Dr. Wahler received a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in Psychology from McGill University in Montreal, then earned a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa. She has been an affiliate with Oliver Wyman, Mercer and a consultant to Pivot Leadership as well as a member of many professional associations.

Cindy is a regular contributor to Forbes, Huffington Post and Chief Executive Officer.

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