Damian Mingle is Chief Data Scientist for WPC Healthcare, a premier provider of cloud-based operational, financial, and clinical analytic solutions. In this role, Mingle manages a team of experts transforming data into meaningful strategic insights and offering hospital systems, payers, and the HIT vendors descriptive-through-prescriptive analytics. Prior to WPC Mingle held positions with companies like Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Coventry Healthcare, and Morgan Stanley. He is ranked in the top 1 percent globally as a data scientist through regular competitions.

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Articles by Damian.Mingle

Data-Driven Healthcare

Will healthcare play nice with data science?

Data science brings new understanding to healthcare and other scientific fields. But does healthcare want to be told something different from such an understanding?
May 10, 2016
Data-Driven Healthcare

Are you relevant in healthcare’s brave new world?

Imagine a computing platform that can read a healthcare organization’s email, Word documents, PDFs, EHR, and text files at marvelous rates of speed, all in an effort to combine its own unique learning into a knowledgebase without any help from you, the healthcare professional. When you are ready, you can ask questions of it to help develop a working theory on facts, associations, or entities extracted from your enterprise data.
January 14, 2016
Data-Driven Healthcare

4 big reasons why healthcare needs data science

In the healthcare industry, what could be more important than having better healthcare outcomes? Each and everyday healthcare workers around the globe are striving hard to find more ways of improving our lives. However, the world is changing, and frankly, at a faster rate than most of us can keep up. Intuition alone will no longer be enough for quality patient outcomes. The amount of healthcare data continues to mound every second, making it harder and harder to find any form of helpful information. Big Data is not to be romanticized; it can be a blessing and a curse. It can contribute to both the insight and the fog of visibility.
November 10, 2015
Data-Driven Healthcare

Healthcare – moving beyond average

Can healthcare providers break informational influence enough to tell a more comprehensive narrative for patients as opposed to simply providing a meaningless statistic?
October 15, 2015