With 21 years of experience in the location industry, primarily in the creation of map databases and data products, Dan Adams is well-versed in the important role data plays in today’s business landscape. He joined Pitney Bowes with the acquisition of Maponics where, as CEO, he focused on building and leveraging the company’s unique spatial data portfolio to serve customers across real estate, social tech, and mobile. In his new role as VP of Data Product Management, Dan is currently working to further develop and evolve Pitney Bowes’ rich portfolio of data products and capabilities; focused on data quality, currency and usability.

Prior to joining Maponics, Dan held executive positions at TomTom including VP of Partner Development, VP of Product Management, and VP of Geospatial Sales. He has also served on the management teams of GDT and Tele Atlas North America, managing all aspects of data collection and map production and engineering.

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Reality check: the complexities of mapping the world in 2018
Innovation and Transformation

Reality check: the complexities of mapping the world in 2018

Although it’s widely believed that high-quality data is readily available and accessible, that is not always the case – it is more common, however, in regions with three common attributes. Dan Adams, Vice President of Data Product Management, Pitney Bowes explains the evolving nature of data and more specifically, data visualization’s impact on business purchases.
June 6, 2018