As a C-level operations leader with 20+ years’ experience in driving large start-up projects, turnarounds, and transformation initiatives, I have a proven record of leadership and performance. Colleagues appreciate my ability to formulate and communicate the vision for each venture. My background is in financial services, directing departmental transformation and leading entrepreneurial start-ups. I have led numerous multi-million dollar turn around projects.

My career started as an Officer in the U.S. Army, then progressed to banking at JPMChase for 19 years. In 1998 I launched my own management consulting firm, providing customized venture leadership solutions for clients coast to coast. My effective servant leadership style has maximized project success while motivating and inspiring work teams.

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Articles by Doug.Thorpe

Have Zombies Attacked Your Organization?
Leading through Change

Have Zombies Attacked Your Organization?

Certain behaviors within your organization can severely impact your effectiveness as a leader. Zombie-like attitudes and actions on the work team need to be identified and handled as quickly as possible.
February 4, 2015
Leading through Change

What Is a Job?

Looking at the evolution of the word "job" gives us insight for how we could be looking at work.
January 30, 2015