After studying industrial engineering at the Grenoble Institute of Technology in France and receiving a master’s in supply chain and manufacturing management from Linkoping University in Sweden, Francois Estellon started his career as a manufacturing and quality engineer in diverse heavy industries. He soon joined PwC Germany as a senior consultant for a large chemical company’s global ERP implementation.

Eventually he started his own consulting firm, and over the course of five years grew the business into a multimillion-dollar operation across Germany, France, Canada and the U.S. The firm focused on management and IT consulting for asset-intensive industries with a wide range of clients in oil and gas, chemicals, aerospace and defense, and medical devices. The company was sold in 2006, and Estellon took a leadership role in the newly formed global consulting footprint.

In 2008, he joined Bucyrus International, a mining machinery manufacturer, as director for global application, and soon became global CIO. In 2013, Estellon joined Gardner Denver, a private manufacturer of compressors and pumps for the industrial, energy and medical sector. He is CIO for the company responsible for the global IT footprint.

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Articles by Francois.Estellon

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Helicopter CIOs: stop micromanaging

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Embracing change as IT leaders

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March 11, 2016
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Demonstrating leadership in IT is an all-around contest

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