Frank Wammes advises companies on applying insights from cloud computing, big data, business intelligence, SAP systems and mobile technologies to gain a competitive advantage through an architectural and change management perspective. He is currently CTO for Capgemini Applications Services for continental Europe.

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Articles by Frank.Wammes

CTO Perspectives for the CIO

3D printing will disrupt more than just your supply chain

Some people think 3D printing is still just nice tool to play with and create artistic products, or that it's only applicable in highly specialized industries like healthcare. But the potential of 3D printing is greater than that. It could enable us to create new customer experiences that have not been possible before. This article gives some insight how you can leverage this technology.
March 15, 2017
CTO Perspectives for the CIO

Redefined reality: Our God-complex realized

We are standing on the brink of a new reality. For some 200,000 years, all our energy has been focused on influencing the physical world around us. We built campfires to warm our caves, we farmed vegetables to nourish us and we built massive cities and infrastructure to make our lives more comfortable. All of this has taken place solely in the physical domain. This is about to change. The breakneck speed of technological developments in recent decades has enabled us to open up a whole new domain of reality: Virtual Reality (VR)
June 21, 2016