Jackie Barretta has a 25-year history as a successful Fortune 500 C-level executive and Big Four consultant in the Information Technology industry. She has led large organizations with hundreds of employees through challenging times and major transformations.

Jackie is a Founding Partner of Nura Group, a consulting firm dedicated to enhancing team innovation and performance. She specializes in defining the super-energy of elite teams and helping organizations create it in their own teams. She is also a Practice Director at Virtual Information Executives, where she provides technology consulting to higher education institutions.

Jackie’s book, Primal Teams, is published by the American Management Association, and she has had several articles published in Information Week and CIO magazine. Her work with primal emotions in teams has won her widespread recognition and dozens of prestigious awards, including ComputerWorld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders, Information Week’s Innovator of the Year, and CIO Magazine’s Enterprise Value Award. She has served on the advisory boards of Hewlett Packard, Teradata, and the CIO Executive Council.

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Articles by Jackie.Barretta

Crafting a Cutting-Edge Tech Team

Spark innovative thinking by letting go

When your team is grappling with a difficult problem, try this simple technique to help them find an innovative solution.
March 23, 2015
Crafting a Cutting-Edge Tech Team

3 Keys to Creating a Powerful Purpose

Some purposes satisfy your intellect with their logic, but the most powerful ones touch your heart and literally ignite high energy and enthusiasm.
February 18, 2015
Crafting a Cutting-Edge Tech Team

Why Leaders Should Shine a Light on Fear

If your team is unsettled by anxiety, you should acknowledge the perceived threats to help it regain its focus.
January 5, 2015
Use Novelty to Reignite Drive
Crafting a Cutting-Edge Tech Team

Use Novelty to Reignite Drive

We all have a 'seeking' emotional system that is responsible for our motivation, and it is ignited by novelty.
December 5, 2014
Crafting a Cutting-Edge Tech Team

Loosen the Rules to Unleash Teamwork

When you trust your team to do the right thing, without the need for lots of rules, you facilitate enhanced cooperation and teamwork.
November 4, 2014