Matt (Stuempfle) Lyteson is a strategist, thought leader and enterprise architect with nearly 20 years of experience. Throughout his tenure he has led enterprise strategy development, executed large-scale transformation and modernization initiatives, and supported the continual optimization of business adaptability. His experience spans multiple industries serving in roles including Information Technology Director, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Architect to drive business growth and competitive advantage. Matt is a regular speaker at industry conferences and blogger and is committed to advancing business through the innovative use of technology.

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Articles by Matt.Lyteson

5 obstacles that kill adaptivity
The Adaptive Enterprise

5 obstacles that kill adaptivity

It's nice to say that you want your organization to be adaptive, but before heading down that path and becoming frustrated by slow progress, do you understand five obstacles that could be holding back progress in a major way?
May 2, 2016
The Adaptive Enterprise

7 adaptive enterprise qualities

Adaptation is about making the small changes to survive over time. What are the key qualities an enterprise requires to adapt and to not become extinct in the face of competition? The adaptive enterprise is one that not only successfully weathers change in the environment, but one that leads the charge through the change and comes out on top. Here's how you do it.
April 1, 2016