Matt Wilbanks is CEO and Co-Founder of HelpSocial, integration platform for combining social media and messaging apps with customer care. A customer service innovator, Matt honed his support skills at Rackspace Hosting where he solved complex customer issues via social media. During his tenure at Rackspace, Matt was an initial member of the company’s social customer care team. As an early adopter of social customer care, Rackspace saw an opportunity to make the practice status quo. HelpSocial was developed out necessity to connect social customer care tools with internal customer support systems.

Realizing the true value to companies outside of Rackspace, Matt and HelpSocial CTO and Co-Founder Rob Collazo, spun out with initial seed funding from Mark Cuban in 2014. HelpSocial was accepted into Techstars and are proud graduates of the notable start-up accelerator program. Today, the HelpSocial platform consists of web and mobile apps built to improve the efficiency of social customer service operations and offers an open API allowing a business to scale social data and functions across the various tools used across a contact center.

As CEO, Matt is responsible for HelpSocial growth strategies, as well as ensuring the HelpSocial team has plenty of snacks and working a Netflix account.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Matt Wilbanks and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

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