Rich Murr is a technology executive with over 20 years of leadership and enterprise IT experience, to include application development and operational roles with startups, consulting companies, retailers and technology service providers. Currently, he serves as the Senior Vice President of Business Technology for Bazaarvoice, where he leads the teams responsible for overseeing all business platforms in support of sales, services, and internal functions.

Prior to Bazaarvoice, Rich served as the Vice President of Information Technology for Rackspace, as the Director of Software Development for HEB, and as Marine Corps officer. Rich obtained a B.A. from Mary Washington College.

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Articles by Richard.Murr

Moving Up to the Cloud

Have you hugged your cloud today?

If you haven't yet embraced the cloud, you should at least give it a little hug.
June 23, 2015
Moving Up to the Cloud

Say goodbye to traditional IT

Move up to the cloud. You won't miss what you've left behind, and neither will your business customers.
June 3, 2015