Samantha Leggat, principal of Lighthouse PR, has managed the communications and public relations and marketing communications programs for highly respected industry organizations, including Network World, INTEROP, Digital World and other Softbank events and consulted for such leaders as Cloudwick, Extreme Networks, Gigamon, GridGain, Lantronix, PBworks, Perfigo (now Cisco), Riverhead (now Cisco), ServGate, ShoreTel, Symphoniq, Troika Networks, ZappoTV, and more.

Samantha has written hundreds of customer case studies and ghostwritten dozens of articles. She loves telling technology stories, highlighting the benefits of features to varied audiences to ensure accurate message delivery and amplification. Tech specialties include big data, cloud, collaboration solutions, data center, Internet security, mobility, network security, networking, telecommunications, Unified communications, Voice over IP, web analytics, web apps, and more.

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Articles by Samantha.Leggat

Why Conway, Spicer and Huckabee Sanders deserve appreciation
PR in the Martech Era

Why Conway, Spicer and Huckabee Sanders deserve appreciation

These communications pros are working in an incredibly challenging environment. The U.S. is divided, the president’s approval rating is taking a nose dive, and the man is unpredictable (to say the least). Yet they persist. We may not agree with their style, beliefs or arguments but I admire their dedication and loyalty, especially considering that I doubt it is reciprocated.
May 12, 2017
PR in the Martech Era

How social media influences political participation and news consumption

The campaign and election of 2016 was unprecedented in so many ways; news reporting and social media has forever changed the way candidates campaign and citizens vote. I think mistrust of the media and the divide between parties is the most noticeable - and worrisome - shift for voters, with coverage of 'fake news' continuing into this, the sixth week of Trump’s presidency. Is social media to blame?rn
March 2, 2017