Steven B. Davis has more than 27 years designing and developing better security; convincing executives to authorize it; and getting superior solutions deployed. He is the owner of Free2Secure and writes on other security topics there.

During his career, Mr. Davis has gone above and beyond to solve problems. Mr. Davis re-engineered critical business workflow for the US Treasury's ISP to reduce service average delivery times from 1 year to less than 30 days. He provided lead security engineering support for $100 Million+ program (as well as projects for startups).

He developed training program to fix critical failures in a major US government secure email project used by senior executive and cabinet-level officials. Went from concept to deployment in 6 weeks for a 40 hour course which subsequently was used across the government to nearly 1000 students in 30 sessions.

He designed security protocols for anti-jam communications, interconnecting key management and security management between 2 countries, as well as US and international issued patents for anti-cheating and authentication security technology.

He is the author of Protecting Games and many articles on security topics. He developed and delivered training programs for commercial business, government, and taught at Johns Hopkins University.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Steven B. Davis and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

Articles by Steven.Davis

Security ROI

Bank of Personal Information: The security service you need today

Data breaches are undermining your customers' confidence in your business. It is time to offer them real security. A bank of personal information could provide an essential service to businesses and consumers and be the heart of a multibillion-dollar industry.
October 30, 2015
Security ROI

Shades of Greynets: The Internet of Secure Things

The plummeting costs of computing is leading to ubiquitous computing with the Internet of Things, security could be the next beneficiary of this revolution.
October 2, 2015
How to fight denial of service – choose your battles, save your dollars
Security ROI

How to fight denial of service – choose your battles, save your dollars

Denial-of-service attacks are probably the scariest online attack a business faces. Not because of the amount of damage done (data breaches are typically much more costly), but because there is so little you can do about them. Instead of fighting the attackers, why not look for ways to make the business resilient in face of an attack? After all, your job is to make sure a business can do what it needs to do... and what a business needs to do is serve its customers and find new ones.
September 21, 2015
Security ROI

Marketing plus security equals profit – Disney’s anti-counterfeiting strategy

Most security strategies try to stop the bad guys. Disney turned things around and won big by turning Chinese consumers into part of its anti-piracy solution. Good business security is not about stopping hackers or doing 'security,' it is about saving and making money... and making money is very nice indeed.
September 17, 2015
My NSA security violation
Security ROI

My NSA security violation

To secure is human. We all make mistakes. Especially in security. I made a one early in my career at NSA. My error, but how much attention do we make to helping our employees and customers do the right thing instead of punishing them for errors?
September 10, 2015
Security ROI

Will the Ashley Madison hack really bring about any change in corporate IT security?

Except for the sordid stories that keep Ashley Madison in the news, there is really nothing notable about the Ashley Madison breach. We are swimming in a sea of data breaches. They've become so routine it takes sex and scandal for anyone to notice. But it is time to look at the real costs of data breaches. Not scandals, not server upgrades, but serious revenue.
September 8, 2015