Troy Walsh has worked in the software industry for about a decade. He started his career as a release developer at Epic Systems in Madison, Wis. During his tenure at Epic, Troy rose to the level of development lead. He moved to consulting after leaving Epic.

Troy currently works at Magenic in St. Louis Park, Minn., as a principal consultant. He is also the lead automation architect for Magenic’s QA group. His primary focus is on creating and designing test automation frameworks.

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10 signs your automation is in trouble
Built for Success

10 signs your automation is in trouble

Let’s face it, automation isn’t cheap, but done well it can make your testing effort far more efficient and help you get to market faster. When done poorly, however, it can burn through your budget without providing any real benefit. Here are some signs that your automation effort is in trouble. Hopefully, this knowledge will help you find gaps and improve your current and future automation efforts.
March 21, 2017