Improve your business writing with text-to-speech proofreading

Anybody involved with purchasing enterprise software will do a lot of business writing. See how using text-to-speech can dramatically improve that writing.

Why value trumps price when buying enterprise software

When it comes to enterprise software, value is far more important than price.

How to keep requirements wish lists from crippling software purchases

Requirements wish lists can paralyze a major software purchase. This article considers ideas for dealing with the problem.

The trouble with rogue IT, a service provider perspective

Much has been written about combating rogue IT. Peter Kraatz from Datalink offers the perspective of a cloud service provider.

Knowing when it's time to replace your aging enterprise software

All enterprise software eventually becomes obsolete. Here's how to decide exactly when enterprise software should be replaced

How writing better requirement details drives software purchase success

We look at four places where requirement descriptions are used, and consider how writing better description details can help make a major software purchase more successful..

Avoiding the pain of major software purchases

Major software purchases can cause significant pain to the organization, employees and, of course, the project sponsors. We look at why this happens, and how to avoid that pain in the first place.

How CIOs can proactively identify and solve business issues

How CIO Ryan Fay uses the techniques of active listening and empowered developers to resolve issues before they affect the business.

Calculating the total cost of ownership for enterprise software

The TCO is a vital part of the ROI calculation for enterprise software, yet too often it is ignored or underestimated. See what should be in the TCO estimate, and use that to make better software selection decisions based on the ROI.

How to select enterprise software to maximize value

Ultimately, enterprise software is bought to deliver value, and that value flows from how well the software meets requirements. To maximize returns on software investments you need to complete a value analysis before making the...

How to determine when to build or buy enterprise software

While many companies regret building enterprise software because it is much more expensive than expected, there are times when custom software is best. This article describes how to answer the build vs. buy question.

How the Software Selection Maturity Scale can improve enterprise software selection

Ever wondered why selecting enterprise software is so difficult? Use the Software Selection Maturity Scale to evaluate the state of your organization’s selection process, and as a roadmap for improvements.

Enterprise software project success remains elusive

What is meant by a successful enterprise software project, and why is that success sometimes so difficult to achieve?

How to maximize stakeholder involvement when acquiring new enterprise software

The lack of stakeholder involvement can doom new enterprise software. Learn how to increase end user and executive sponsor buy-in, which helps drive projects to successful conclusions.

Why capturing enterprise software requirements is so difficult

Gathering requirements is simple: just ask the users what they want. However, experience shows this fails dismally. In this article, we look at why gathering requirements is so hard, and what can be done about it.

How to do software rationalization right

Use software rationalization to prevent the cost of maintaining existing applications from stifling strategic software initiatives.

Cloud computing and beyond

The enterprise is moving inexorably towards the cloud. Hear industry perspectives on where this is going and how we will get there at the AITP San Diego Cloud Computing Conference.

Don’t rely on reviews when purchasing enterprise software

When the favored enterprise software receives good reviews it is tempting to skip the evaluation project, but doing so can set you up for failure. Here's a look at why you can't rely on reviews when selecting enterprise software.

How to manage scope creep when purchasing enterprise software

While most people associate scope creep with software development, it also happens when purchasing cloud or off-the-shelf enterprise software. This article describes how to manage such scope creep.

How Curves Jenny Craig CIO Abe Lietz successfully transformed the IT business relationship

What can successful CIOs share about delivering technology value to the organization? Read how CIO and VP of service operations Abe Lietz at Curves Jenny Craig transformed IT’s relationship with the business, and how he keeps ahead of...

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