IT Consulting: Ranks Best Places to Work

IT Consulting: Ranks Best Places to Work

If you're looking for an IT job with a consulting firm, check out's ranking of the best places to work.

The 7 Dumbest Things Job Seekers Write on Their Resumes

CareerBuilder and Jobfox founder Rob McGovern sounds off on the idiotic details he sees job seekers put on their resumes.

Software Developers Need to Prepare for Rigorous Recruiting Process

It's a software developer's job market, but IT hiring managers still act like it's an employer's market where they can put candidates through the paces.

Obama Jobs Plan: How IT Workers Will Benefit

Obama's job creation plan, the American Jobs Act, which he unveiled in a speech to Congress last night, is designed to get people across industries back to work and to put more money in their paychecks. Though it's primarily focused...

Job Search: Which LinkedIn Connections Are Most Valuable

IT director Henry Hirschel has identified three kinds of LinkedIn connections, and of the three, which one is the most helpful and responsive in a job search.

August Employment Figures Show Job Growth for IT Industry

Consulting/professional services is the best place to find IT jobs today.

5 Signs Your Competitors Will Steal Your Best IT Workers

Michael Greco, a partner in the Employee Defection & Trade Secrets Practice Group at law firm Fisher & Phillips LLP, identified seven warning signs that indicate your best employees may be ready to accept job offers from your...

Best Social Networks for Finding IT Jobs

LinkedIn tops the list, but IT job seekers shouldn't ignore Facebook or Twitter.

Follow-up: How to Fight Back When Your Boss Is Out to Get You

If you're having serious problems with your boss, get them on record with HR before they pose a direct threat to your job. If you wait until you get a bad performance review—or worse, a written warning—you risk looking like you're...

Out of Touch CEOs: How to Demotivate Your Employees

When a CEO tells his employees that he's taking a year off to fulfill a longtime sailing dream, does he honestly expect employees to be happy for him?

How to Fight Back When Your Boss is Out to Get You

When your boss undermines your every move and even goes so far as to give you a formal, 30-day warning about your performance, you know trouble is brewing. Here's what to do when your "poor performance" is your boss's fault, not your...

Job Interviews, Lies and Videotape

Do job seekers work harder to impress hiring managers when they know they're going to be videotaped during a job interview? Hardly. See how regrettably a handful of job seekers conducted themselves when they were taped during...

Horrible Bosses: 7 Ways to Drive Your Best Workers Out the Door

If you recognize the following seven behaviors in any of your managers, get rid of them before they send your top performers packing.

A Simple Strategy for Acing a Job Interview

If you want to ace a job interview, you need to get inside the hiring manager's mind. Here's how.

Why You Should Develop an Office "Bromance"

Office bromances improve morale, increase job satisfaction, boost the bottom line and enhance careers. So go ahead and cultivate one today.

Employees: Now's the Time to Request Perks From Your Employer

With corporate hiring once again on the rise and competition for the best and brightest heating up, employees are well-positioned to ask for perks like flexible work schedules or tuition reimbursement.

Check Out Korn/Ferry's Career Playbook for Job Search Advice

Executive search firm Korn/Ferry International recently published on its Website a thoughtful, thorough primer on how to conduct a job search .

Know Thyself: Career Advice for the Clueless

Lack of self-awareness prevents multitudes of people from advancing in their careers. The conundrum they face is that they're too enamored with their egos to realize that they're the ones holding themselves back.

Should You Ever Tell Your Boss You're Applying for a New Job?

Last week a friend asked me for some career advice. She's been contracting for a company where a full-time position recently opened in another department. She wants to apply for the full-time position, and she asked me if she should...

What I Learned Screening IT Resumes for's Makeover

About a month ago, I asked readers to submit their resumes for a chance to win a resume rewrite from job search website TheLadders.  I received a wave of submissi

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