The future of A.I. ethics is in our hands

When so many of the world's smartest people warn us about 'killer robots' and other ethical issues inherent in artificial intelligence, we should heed their call to make sure A.I. is used for societal good, says Michael Friedenberg.

Beyond Moore's Law: Five technologies that will change the future

IDG CEO Mike Friedenberg is watching the tech horizon and sees game-changing technologies in A.I., robotics, quantum computing and more.

Security crashes the boardroom party

Security crashes the boardroom party

Given the recent spate of headline-grabbing data breaches, CIOs need to be prepared to answer a lot of board questions about risk, says IDG Communications CEO Michael Friedenberg.

Are You Ready to Replace Yourself?

CIOs rarely get to name their successors, and companies overall do a poor job of succession planning. CEO Michael Friedenberg says it's time to get serious about closing the succession gap.

Two Critical Questions Every CIO Should Answer

IDG Communications CEO Michael Friedenberg dips into the history of the once-thriving ice industry to put today’s period of business transformation in crystal-clear perspective.

Retail Must Reinvent Itself for the Omnichannel Future

IDG Communications CEO Michael Friedenberg offers his take on the latest IDC predictions about retail customers, big data, supply chain and more 

Will 3D Printing Really Change the World?

IDG Communications CEO Michael Friedenberg says it already has, as he contemplates 3-D printing technology that can create things as varied as a human liver and a new home.

A CEO's Guide to Setting Goals for 2014

One CEO gains inspiration from quotes by business luminaries such as John Chambers, Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey and Howard Schultz

IT Industry Undergoing an Epic Transition

CEO Michael Friedenberg reads the signs of an enterprise tech industry that is unraveling before our eyes. But as one computing era ends, a new one (which IDC calls the third platform) is just beginning.

Tech Market Davids vs. Goliaths, Wearables and the Future of IT

CEO Mike Friedenberg ponders the big questions for IT leaders during his summer beach brainstorm.

The Industrial Internet: The Next Great Economic Revolution

IDG Enterprise’s CEO spells out the future of big data, mobility and the impact of 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

Does Technology Makes Us Smarter Or Dumber?

IDG Enterprise CEO Mike Friedenberg ponders a bleak future where self-driving cars, smart appliances and drone technology leave humans without much to do--except get fat and push buttons.

CIOs See Risks and Rewards in Startup Mania

Investing in cutting-edge technologies could lead to big rewards, but it also brings incredible risk for CIOs, says Michael Friedenberg

10 Resolutions for CIOs to Kick-Start the New Year

Michael Friedenberg shares his top 10 resolutions for CIOs, including losing weight (the legacy IT kind) and lowering your handicap (professional weaknesses).

The Top 10 Priorities for CIOs in 2013

As we head into the new year, IDG Enterprise CEO Michael Friedenberg pairs his list of favorite quotes with questions to spark your thinking

CIOs Must Face the Talent Challenge

The IT talent wars are intensifying. IDG Enterprise CEO Michael Friedenberg identifes several approaches that CIOs are using to attract and nurture top talent.

Hey CIOs! Show Your CMO the Love

The CIO-CMO relationship gap still persists, and IDG Enterprise's CEO Michael Friedenberg reiterates why a closer partnership is critical to both execs as well as the business.

How to Measure the Cultural DNA of Your Company

When Yahoo appointed Marissa Mayer as CEO, it wasn't her gender or pregnancy that made it relevant, it was her product expertise. What does your CEO bring to the table and how should IT support that goal? If you don't know, you should....

How to Succeed in Business: Award-Winning IT Innovation

IDG Enterprise CEO Michael Friendenberg finds that the 25th annual class of CIO 100 winners exemplify organizations that know how to succeed in business in even a challenging economic climate

Are You Keeping Ahead of IT Industry Trends?

Social, mobile and other consumer technologies are inspiring venture capitalists to invest and changing the landscape of IT. Are you paying attention?

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