CIOs Need a Wakeup Call

Many CIOs think they're more relevant than ever before, but their CEOs often disagree. IDG Enterprise's own CEO is calling for CIOs to figure out how to better include innovation in their job descriptions

What Will It Take to Get More Women Execs in IT?

Women still make up a woefully small percentage of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) professionals. IDGE CEO Michael Friendenberg wonders if the tide will change soon.

How CIOs Can Help Facilitate Systems of Engagement

The CEO community is turning to CIOs to help accelerate revenue growth and deepen engagement with customers.

Why Smart CIOs Channel Steve Jobs

While there are many things to question about Jobs' approach to business, you can't argue with his knack for melding tech and design. Is it time to bring back the importance of the user experience?

Why Big Data Means a Big Year for Hadoop

Companies from IBM to Amazon are turning to Hadoop to manage the surge in data that needs storing. Our CEO Michael Friendenberg says the buzz around Hadoop is no joke.

New Year’s Resolutions 2012

IDG Enterprise CEO Michael Friedenberg shares his top ten resolutions for 2012.

Top Ten Tech Predictions for 2012

Michael Friedenberg, President and CEO of CIO magazine, weighs in with his top ten predictions for what will impact the IT-business landscape in 2012.

Execs from NASDAQ, HP Show Operations Some Love

Michael Friedenberg, CEO of IDG Enterprise, shares stories from CIO events that suggest the best ideas thrive when operations run smoothly.

The CIO vs. CFO: Dueling Surveys Debate Who's in Charge of IT

CIO magazine says most CIOs authorize IT spending, but a Gartner survey says more CFOs do. Who’s right?

CEOs Brace for the Return of Shadow IT

As CEOs press for growth and business leaders find opportunity all around them, an old IT nemesis is back—rogue consumer devices.

Pundits Were Right About Mobile Cybersecurity Risks

Industry pundits predicted escalating cybersecurity threats, and they were right.

Know Who Your Customer Is

To grow their businesses, companies need a deeper focus, not a broader reach

From the CEO: The Next Big Land Grab Is Business Process

CIOs can raise their business-value quotient by taking ownership

Advice for Industry-Switching CIOs

Being successful in a new industry is difficult, but not impossible

The Hype Was Right on Cloud Computing

Michael Friedenberg, President and CEO of IDG Enterprise, shares data from our recent survey on cloud computing that shows actual adoption is well under way.

Three CIO Forums for Peer-to-Peer Resources

CIOs find guidance from their peers to be of the highest value. Here are three forums provided by CIO magazine where CIOs can connect with one another.

Why 2011 Is the Year of the Tablet

Michael Friedenberg, President and CEO of IDG Enterprise, says all signs indicate it will be all about tablets this year and CIOs should do what they can to stay ahead of the game.

Three Great Reads for CIOs

Michael Friedenberg, President and CEO of IDG Enterprise, offers his latest book recommendations for CIOs.

Top Ten Business Predictions for 2011

Michael Friedenberg, president and CEO of IDG Enterprise, offers up what he thinks will be the top ten trends in the IT community in 2011.

Cloud and UI: CIOs Have a Big Opportunity on Their Hands

Mobile, m-commerce, geolocation, social media and real-time analytics are changing business. CIOs that can leverage this could own a key business priority around UI and the customer.

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