The Fallacy of Vendor-Driven IT Innovation

I know it's not just me feeling this: Today, there are too many vendors announcing "innovative solutions" that are, at best, incremental improvements to existing products or, at worst, new products in search of actual business...

Throwing Enterprise Software Vendors Under the Bus

Throw Under the Bus: 1. One is thrown under the bus when he is made the scapegoat or blamed for something that wasn't his responsibility in the first place. 2. A cover-up for your mistake. -Urban Dictionary

10 Little-Known Facts about $1.3 Billion Ruling in SAP-Oracle Case

After Oracle sued SAP and its former division TomorrowNow for IP theft and won a ruling for $1.3 billion in damages, you might have noticed a wave of speculation and interest in SAP's financial future.

Oracle v. SAP: Justice and $1.3 Billion Delivered

For a lawsuit where the guilty verdict was predetermined, Oracle v.

Why Can't ERP Software Be More Like Pandora Radio?

While listening to Pandora Radio the other day, I had a minor epiphany. For those who don't know, Pandora is a 10-year-old Internet radio service that allows its users to create their own "radio stations" based on their individual...

Leo Apotheker: Wanted by Oracle, Found by Me

As part of its lawsuit against SAP, Oracle has been dogged in attempting to serve a subpoena to former SAP CEO (and current HP CEO) Léo Apotheker and force him to testify at the trial.

Oracle v. SAP: Why No One Is Shedding a Tear for Oracle

The Oracle v. SAP trial commenced this week. After more than three years of legal wrangling and public pronouncements, and way too many briefs, motions and hearings, the case now sits before a judge and jury in Northern California.

Ellison Attacks Try to Take Down Apotheker: Are TV Ads Next?

If you live pretty much anywhere in the United States, you're sick of the political "attack ads" so commonplace during these mid-term elections: You know, the relentless, truth-bending "Swift Boating" of Republican and Democratic...

Infor Hires Oracle's Charles Phillips: What Would Big ERP Say?

Back in January, I had the pleasure of interviewing "Big ERP," the cartoonish representation of enterprise ERP vendors and their gluttonous views on big, expensive software implementations and fat support contracts that milk their...

Oracle vs. SAP Trial: 8 Outrageous Defense Strategies

What started with Oracle's March 2007 lawsuit against SAP (and TomorrowNow) is about to finally come to a Northern California courtroom: The trial that never seemed like it actually would go to trial is set to commence on Nov.

10 Lessons Learned from the HP-Oracle-SAP-NY Times Saga

What a strange past couple of months it's been: It all started with Mark Hurd's abrupt departure from HP's CEO spot in August.

Cloud Computing, The Great Influenza and Your Software Choices

I'm currently reading John M. Barry's The Great Influenza, a masterpiece of a book that chronicles "history's most lethal influenza virus." Beginning in 1918 in the United States, the plague killed as many as 100 million people across...

Have You Got Software Hairball Syndrome?

You're probably sitting there thinking: Software Hairball Syndrome? That'll never happen to me.

Enterprise Mobile Apps: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Growing up, my best friend Johnny G. would often get really "hopped up" after eating too many M&Ms. His actions became nearly irrational, and he could barely function enough to play a decent game of Donkey Kong on ColecoVision.

The Tenuous Ties that Bind High-Tech Together

It can be maddening for any CIO (or journalist) to try to keep track of the complex web of relationships and partnerships that rule the high-tech industry.

SAP Torn Between the Old World and the New

Let's look at a "day in the life" of enterprise software juggernaut SAP: Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

Enterprise IT "Stack Wars": No New Hope

A short time ago, in a fiscal quarter just gone by…

East Coast CIOs vs. West Coast CIOs: A Feud in the Making?

East Coast CIOs vs. West Coast CIOs: While the rivalry doesn't have the intrigue of hip-hop's East Coast-West Coast feud in the 1990s, nor as colorful characters (2Pac, West; and The Notorious B.I.G., East) or warring businesses...

The Cloud Crusades of Ellison and Benioff

Warning: The post that follows involves the subjects of religion and enterprise software. If you adhere to a dogma on either topic and are offended by heretical observations concerning the two, please don't read on.

Oracle OpenWorld 2010: 10 Buzzwords to Know, Love and Hate

Go to any tech conference, and you're sure to get your fill of vendor marketing rhetoric—the constant sharing of synergy-this and platform-that which can fill up a "Buzzword Bingo" card very quickly. Here are 10 of the most popular...

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