A.I. Inside: How machine intelligence might save lives

Machine intelligence built into existing medical machines may be how A.I. can soon start impacting healthcare.

Luddites clobber AI, says advocate: Just wait ‘till the FDA weighs in

Luddites clobber AI, says advocate: Just wait ‘till the FDA weighs in

A nonprofit advocate of science and technology has criticized high-profile opinion leaders as obstructionists for stirring fear and hysteria about artificial intelligence. The nonprofit hasn’t seen anything yet.

Healthcare outsider developing software to improve diagnosis

Harvard-trained lawyer turned healthcare entrepreneur grooms MD-mimicking technology to empower patients and help providers deliver better care.

How to build a better, safer artificial intelligence

A new kind of artificial intelligence is emerging, one that amplifies human abilities, turning groups into super-experts. Early medical studies support claims that this new technology, called swarm AI, is more effective than...

3 ways health IT can improve the doctor-patient relationship

The use of electronic health records is getting between physicians and their patients. Here’s how health IT can help solve the problem, and make a powerful friend in the process.

How digital avatars will inspire – or frighten – us to better health

Armed with our medical information, digital clones may show us what we are now – and what we could be in the future .

How AI will take over health IT

Artificial intelligence is after our jobs. And those in health IT will be the first to go.

Thinking algorithm ready to take on conventional medicine

An algorithm built by a San Francisco startup soon will begin using images archived at operating at imaging centers to teach itself to spot the signs of disease. If it succeeds, medicine will never be the same.

Training AI to be man’s smartest best friend

What if artificially sentient beings were unflinchingly loyal to and loving of humankind?

Artificial intelligence: Humankind’s best chance for a healthier future

Artificial intelligence inspires fear in some, but it may be the only way we can meet our potential in healthcare.

How Big Data can help save $400 billion in healthcare costs

Massive volumes of data are being collected on patients. This data is the raw material for making tools that could make patient handling more efficient and effective, improving patient outcomes and saving hundreds of billions of...

3 reasons to get serious about clinical decision support

Clinical Decision Support will be be a big part of medicine in the future. Here's why health IT should help and how to do it.

The centaurs of clinical decision support

The idea behind CDS is as noble as its potential benefit is great. But there are also dangers. What happens if providers become dependent on automatic alerts that don’t come? How many 'non-alerts' will it take before their absence is...

The 5 'rights' of clinical decision support

Picking the right CDS tools comes down to a handful of "rights".

The 3 essentials of clinical decision support

Clinical Decision Support tools will play an increasingly important tole in Health IT. Here's what you need to know for these tools to succeed now and in the future.

One simple way to ensure the integrity of Health IT

Learning from the Guardians of the Internet. Digital keys may be the simple answer to data security.

From Hillary to Ashley, black hats turn gray

Hacking medical records promises greater rewards than purely financial ones. The threat has grown worse over the last several years. In the future, telling the bad guys from the good may get tougher.

OnlyBoth cracks big data wide open

The benchmarking engine, OnlyBoth, uses 'discovery algorithms' to ferret out unique aspects of persons, places or things in a database; compares them to others in the database; then describes results in natural language. The engine...

AI is coming: How to deal with this new type of intelligence

The future of AI will be determined to a large extent by our ability to nurture a positive working relationship with this new type of intelligence. And that won’t be easy.

How IBM’s deal to acquire Merge could transform health IT

A bid made early this month by IBM to acquire Merge Healthcare could radically change the practice of medicine. Its effects might take shape through the first practical applications of artificial intelligence -- not in the diagnosis...

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