The CIO role grows more strategic

The CIO role grows more strategic

Three KPIs from our 2017 State of the CIO results indicate that it's a great time to be a CIO.

Here we go again

Here we go again publisher Adam Dennison disagrees with Gartner's conclusion that CMOs have larger technology budgets than CIOs. He says a sneak peek at the findings of’s 2017 State of the CIO survey reveals that 54 percent of all...

Wi-Fi is still an enterprise challenge

Wi-Fi is still an enterprise challenge

Many lofty, strategic IT initiatives depend on simply being able to connect to the internet.

State of the CIO 2017

Readers can improve our next State of the CIO report

Everything's a platform now

The latest enterprise IT buzzword is 'platform.' It seems there's more prestige in being a platform than there is in being a great application. But is that true?

CIO magazine makes the digital leap

Just like its readers, CIO magazine is undertaking its own digital transformation. The Nov. 1, 2015, issue is the last one in print, but the same sorts of content about technology, strategy and leadership will be available at

Finding the courage for career transformations

Adam Dennison admires IT execs who tackle the challenges of moving into dramatically different industries.

CIOs are cutting back on the number of 'strategic' vendors they use

Adam Dennison, publisher of CIO magazine, says IT vendors need to learn more about CIO challenges and business goals if they want to achieve the exalted 'strategic partner' status.

IT must face outward

The big challenge for CIOs and IT organizations today centers on readiness for customer contact, says CIO Publisher Adam Dennison. He says there's no better way to elevate IT's status than to make it more outward-facing.

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