4 steps to freshen up your image

If you're not being chosen for highly-visible assignments that could advance your career, then maybe it's time for a spring makeover!

How to turn your IT crisis into an opportunity

Application and technology failures are bound to happen. Instead of applying Band-Aids to get through the crisis, turn this failure into an opportunity and get the funding and support you need for the right solution.

How to unlock your potential and live a life you love!

With the new year starting you’re probably thinking about making changes; making new resolutions – and wondering how this year is going to be any different from last year. Learn how to make this year the best year ever!

Learning how to say NO is healthy for you and your career

It's important to say 'no' these days - because until we learn to say 'no' we continue to be stressed and overwhelmed with too much to do in not enough time. And isn't it usually our priorities that suffer?

Have zombies taken over your IT department?

Do your business partners view IT as a necessary evil rather than a trusted partner and adviser? It could be you have an IT zombie culture that is disengaged and disconnected from your business stakeholders.

How to stay sane in a dysfunctional environment

Working in a dysfunctional environment? The key to your success is to understand your sphere of influence and control, and do your best within those boundaries.

How to assess your strengths and weaknesses to be a more effective IT leader

Taking on a new IT leadership role brings new challenges during your first 90 days. You need to play to your strengths and manage your weaknesses to perform at your best.

How do you celebrate your heroes?

Organizational culture is shaped through people. How do we capture the stories of the people and teams who made a great impression on the company’s history and culture?

Your 90 day plan: Focus on people

Your ability to develop trusting relationships early on in your new role will serve you well during your first 90 days and throughout your career at the company.

Your 90 day plan: Listen, learn, validate

Your first 90 days in a new IT leadership role should be focused on learning. Investing this time will help you understand the current state, appreciate the culture and inform your strategy.

How to be successful in your new IT leadership job

How to be successful in your new IT leadership job

Starting a new IT leadership job can be an exciting time in your life. Yet it can also lead to disaster if you don’t have an onboarding plan to ensure your success.

Don’t accept that job offer until you answer these questions

Don’t accept that job offer until you answer these questions

Deciding whether to accept a job offer is a big decision in your life. You need to think beyond the obvious considerations to make the most informed choice. Here is some advice on how you can make the best decision with confidence.

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