5 things elite coaches do with top talent

Every single human being has a natural aptitude or skill that can make them a top talent. Some of us have more than one talent. The trick is to find it. That takes time, effort and dedication. A valuable coach who can really unlock...

Why business transformation programs fail

Business transformation programs fail because of lack of awareness, trust and structure. Root causes of failures are less related to technology, more to process, and most to people.

Find your sources of inspiration

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, you want to know what your sources of inspiration are. Whether you want to resolve an issue, respond to a risk, craft a project strategy, you need to be able to tap into the creative...

Collaborative willpower drives organizational change

Technology-driven change projects succeed when senior leaders demonstrate collaborative willpower. Many organizations lack this group dynamic and, as a consequence, deliver sub-optimized results.

10 things smart program managers do

Do you sometimes wonder how super-achievers outperform others? And perhaps why it is that these rare human beings are always 'on their game' and exceed expectations? For 20+ years I have been observing senior leaders who run...

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