7 Things We Learned at AWS re:invent 2013

Amazon Web Services often gets criticized as a platform that doesn't necessarily scale for the enterprise. So at re:Invent, the second annual AWS conference, Amazon made a series of announcements aimed squarely at dispelling these...


4 Ways Amazon Can Fix its Crummy Cloud Player

Music is supposed to be fun, not frustrating.


Despite Recent Cloud Service Outages, Security a Bigger Concern Than Availability

A 25-minute outage for Amazon is still not a reason to abandon the cloud. However, there are other caveats to using cloud services.


Commodity Clouds, the 'Tuning Tax' and What Cloud Users Really Need

Application-tuning capabilities coupled with today's commodity cloud offerings are more than many users need. Just like broadband Internet, though, it's only a matter of time before these 'overserved' users turn to the commodity cloud...


How Cloud Computing Changes Enterprise IT Economics

The rapid rise of cloud computing means corporate IT may no longer be the cheapest purveyor of application hosting, infrastructure, storage and other services. The sooner IT leaders come to terms with this, the better.


Amazon Web Services Will Continue to Disrupt Enterprises, IT Vendors

Traditional IT vendors may deride Amazon as a mere bookseller, but Amazon Web Service is growing quickly, not to mention inexpensively. If those vendors aren't careful, AWS will soon compete against them in the enterprise cloud...


How OpenStack Should Prepare Itself for the Enterprise

With major vendors such as Dell, HP, IBM and RackSpace throwing their weight behind OpenStack, the project is poised to be a preeminent private cloud player. But discussions at the recent OpenStack Summit show that the project does...


What Cloud Computing Means For the Future of IT Organizations

At this year's Cloud Connect conference, discussion moved from defining cloud computing to discussing practical enterprises applications of the cloud. That is, until two McKinsey consultants suggested that the cloud could spell the...


Is Cloud-based Backup Right for Long-Term Storage?

Eugene Bartley wanted to know if his files would eventually disappear from a cloud-based backup service.


Does Big Data Spell the End of Business Intelligence As We Know It?

Traditional BI requires human input to decide what correlated factors to query. As predictive data analytics gets increasingly powerful, the algorithms do the deciding. That spells the end of BI as CIO.com columnist Bernard Golden...


VMware Tantrum Shows It's Not Connecting With Cloud Buyers or Sellers

At a recent partner conference, VMware executives threw a fit about the firm's inability to 'own corporate workload' and its partners' inability to beat a 'bookseller' at the cloud computing game. The outbursts show is that VMware...


Ensure Cloud Application Resilience the Netflix Way

These days, there's no such thing as a stable system, especially in the cloud. But most outages can be blamed on application architecture, not infrastructure. To combat this, do what Netflix does: Put your apps through a ringer that...


How Cloud Computing Is Driven by Mobile, Media and Marketing

Defenders of enterprise computing are in for a rude awakening. Mobile, media and marketing applications are poised to flock to the cloud, which is far better suited to handle load variability, latency and change management. As end...


As CMOs Grab IT Budget From CIOs, Cloud CapEx and OpEx Shift

If analysts are correct, and the CMO eventually wrests control of the IT budget from the CIO, then spending on cloud computing will get a lot less predictable and a lot more complicated.


Gartner Cloud Computing Magic Quadrant Pits AWS Against the World

Say what you will about Gartner Magic Quadrants, but there's little doubt that IT organizations use them to evaluate technology. The firm's last two analyses of the cloud service provider place Amazon Web Services head and shoulders...


5 Cloud Computing Trends That Will Be Big in 2013

Will 2013 finally be the year executives stop worrying about cloud security and actually start looking at their bills from cloud service providers? Columnist Bernard Golden thinks so. He has four other cloud computing predictions for...


Forrester Outlines How IT Organizations Will Control the Cloud

Developers love the cloud because it makes their jobs easier. Rather than fight this trend, and risk obsolescence, Infrastructure and Operations should accept it. A recent Forrester Research report offers five hints for controlling...


Amazon Goes All In With Data Warehousing at AWS Conference

The first day of the first Amazon Web Services user conference, known as re: Invent, focused on the way customers are using services such as S3 and CloudFront. Meanwhile, the company unveiled RedShift, which CIO.com columnist Bernard...


Cloud Security Not Really Slowing IT Adoption

Cloud security has been discussed ad nauseum for years, and it's often cited as the biggest barrier to enterprise cloud adoption. Such conversations are misguided, CIO.com columnist Bernard Golden says, and ignore the larger challenge...


The Amazon Outage in Perspective: Failure Is Inevitable, So Manage Risk

The most recent Amazon Web Services outage left customers (and rival cloud providers) blaming Amazon. Instead, CIO.com columnist Bernard Golden says, everyone needs to accept that cloud computing is not immune to failure. Fortunately,...


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