As Mobile Grows, So Does Cloud Computing

As PC sales decline and smartphone and tablet sales climb, the world of computing is poised for a dramatic shift. While mobile users do, in fact, 'compute' with their devices, application data and functionality actually reside in the...


Cloud Computing Pushes Vendors to Seek New Roles in IT Value Chain

Cloud adoption means that companies are increasingly signing pay-as-you-go SLAs and renting servers. This means traditional software and hardware vendors must dramatically reconsider their business models, columnist Bernard Golden...


Toyota Going all in with Microsoft's Office 365

Microsoft has been fairly open in its push to the cloud. The pricing model for Office 2013 compared with Office 365 is clearly an effort to make Office 365 the more cost effective, no-brainer option. The plan seems to be working, too,...


How to Track Cost Allocation for Cloud Apps

Cloud computing changes cost allocation over the lifetime of an application. We look at the benefits and shortcomings of the different approaches. In addition, we outline right approach for IT organizations to take in order to realize...


ioSafe Turns to Crowdfunding for Disaster-Proof Private Cloud Project

ioSafe--an established vendor of disaster-proof storage--is turning to crowdfunding to raise capital for its next project. Earlier this week, ioSafe kicked off a fundraising effort on Indiegogo to finance a new disaster-proof private...


Microsoft Reveals Office 2013 and Office 365 Pricing

Microsoft unveiled Office 2013 and the new Office 365 a couple months ago and launched a public beta to give everyone an opportunity to test it out. There were still two big question marks, though: "When will it be available?" and...


History, IT Innovation and the Pace of Change

A visit to the English countryside gave columnist Bernard Golden the chance to see Roman ruins, a medieval church and a replica of the first supercomputer. It wasn't until he returned home and saw a driverless car on a...


'Big Security' a Natural, Necessary Extension of Big Data

Big data is poised to grow well beyond the enterprise - and anything we can imagine today. Think of how the assembly line changed the automobile and, consequently, our lives. Keeping big data secure will require an equally innovative...


How the Cloud Brings Developers into Business Process

The disruptive innovation that is the cloud has given developers significantly more influence than they, and their organizations, are used to having. This means the agile, sometimes unstructured world of the developer is increasingly...


How Did Apple Allow Hackers to Access iCloud Account?

The Internet is abuzz this weekend as a result of the Gizmodo Twitter account getting hijacked. That incident was traced back to the hack of an Apple iCloud account--allegedly accomplished through social engineering.


Different Cloud Survey, Same Cloud Adoption Concerns

The Uptime Institute's 2012 Data Center Survey is the latest to show that companies remain reluctant to use the cloud because of security concerns. These firms seem to be waiting for an 'all clear' from some higher authority--but with...


Amazon Faces Commodity Cloud Competition

Until recently, Amazon Web Services stood alone among commodity cloud service providers. Then Microsoft and Google stepped in. The world will never be the same, columnist Bernard Golden says.


Olympics Website Leans on Open Source, Akamai for Winning Results

Like the athletes themselves, the official website of the London 2012 Olympics gets only one chance to reach peak performance under intense pressure. To meet that demand, the site has been load tested to handle a million unique...


Google: Use the Cloud, Save the Planet

You have to think about security issues, but the potential energy savings of using the cloud are crystal clear.


5 Ways Cloud Computing Is Like Open Source

A decade ago, most IT departments denounced open-source software. Now they embrace the way that open source encourages innovation while saving money. The furor over cloud computing shows that history is repeating itself. The outcome...


Amazon Cloud Player App Comes to iPhone, iPod Touch -- at Last

Amazon today released its long-awaited Cloud Player App for the iPhone and iPod touch. The free app allows users of iOS devices, including the iPad, to stream or download music stored online in their Amazon Cloud account.


IT Innovation Won't Be Slowed by Cloud Concerns

Those who continue to deem the cloud "rogue IT" fail to see the forest for the trees,'s Bernard Golden writes. Institutions dead set in their ways should prepare to see smaller, more innovative firms embrace the cloud -- and...


CIOs Don't Need to Be Business Leaders

Given the complexity of today's applications, it's folly to suggest that the future role of the CIO is less technical and more businesslike, columnist Bernard Golden writes. If anything, it's the opposite -- the business side of the...


How to Address Cloud Application Lifecycle Challenges

Taking an agile approach to the application lifecycle in a hybrid cloud environment means moving beyond the one-and-done method of V2C conversions and embracing DevOps. Getting development and operations to collaborate means linking...


Top 15 Cloud Storage Tips and Tasks

No single cloud service can do everything. Some shine when it comes to streaming a cloud music collection from the Web, but stink at syncing desktop folders. Other cloud services are great for sharing photos, but useless for reviewing...


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