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President Trump dumps Android for Apple's iPhone

President Trump has given up his old Android phone and is now using an Apple iPhone for his tweets and other social media.

How to keep your filthy iPhone clean

Bacteria and viruses love to stick to the surface of your iPhone. Here’s how you can keep your disgusting phone squeaky-clean.

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Apple wins China patent battle over iPhone 6 design

Apple has fended off a lawsuit in China that claimed the iPhone 6’s design had infringed a design patent from a little-known local vendor.


Apple: Macs and iPhones are safe from newly revealed CIA exploits

The Mac and iPhone exploits described in new documents attributed to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency were patched years ago, according to Apple.

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Newly leaked documents show low-level CIA Mac and iPhone hacks

The U.S. CIA has had tools to infect Apple Mac computers by connecting malicious Thunderbolt Ethernet adapters to them since 2012, according to new documents purported to be from the agency and published by WikiLeaks.


Hackers threaten to wipe millions of Apple devices, demand ransom

A group of hackers is threatening to wipe millions of iOS devices in two weeks if Apple doesn't pay them US$150,000.

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Why Apple dropped iPad’s price to lowest yet

Apple cut the price of its entry-level iPad by almost 18 percent -- perhaps in a move to fend off Google in the education market. The company also refreshed the iPhone SE, introduced a red version of the iPhone 7 and announced a new...

Is the new iPhone SE worth buying?

Apple has upgraded the iPhone SE’s storage to 32 GB and 128 GB from 16 GB and 64 GB. Is the iPhone SE worth the money?

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Most repair shops can’t fix your iPhone, but that may change

'Right to repair” bills in eight states would force Apple and other companies to give repair shops the manuals and so'ftware they need to fix electronic products.

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Kindle Oasis: Why it beats the iPad and iPhone for reading

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis beats Apple’s iPad and iPhone when it comes to reading ebooks. The Oasis does one thing only and does it better than any iOS device.

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25% off iHome iPL23 Clock Radio with Lightning Dock, Support for iPhone 7/7+ - Deal Alert

The iPL23 docking alarm clock radio & charging station supports iPhone 7/7+ and has been discounted on Amazon 25% to $59.95.

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How to use your iPhone as a mobile hotspot

As long as you have your iPhone, you always have an internet connection handy. Follow these steps to turn your iPhone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

iPhone-or-healthcare lawmaker spent $3,000 of donors' money at Apple store in '16

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) used campaign funds last year to pay nearly $3,000 for goods and services at a Salt Lake City Apple store.

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Here’s your augmented & virtual reality: bloody vendor battles, expected iPhone support & seeing into IoT

As anyone who has sampled the immersive worlds of early augmented or virtual reality apps can attest, the experience can be downright exhilarating. So too will be the vendor battles that erupt and the commercial uses to emerge around...

iPhone 8: Overpriced Ripoff Edition?

Rumors are circulating that the iPhone 8 could cost more than $1000 and that Apple might call it the “iPhone Edition.”

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Future iPhones to get 4K with new PowerVR graphics architecture

A new PowerVR graphics architecture from Imagination Technologies will give a serious graphics boost to Apple's future iPhones, including 4K graphics.

GOP lawmaker drags iPhone into healthcare debate

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Tuah) dragged Apple and its iPhone into the latest debate about healthcare coverage today.

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Should Apple turn the iPhone into a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo’s new Switch console is selling like hotcakes. Should Apple turn the iPhone into its own version of the Switch?

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83% off TechMatte Air Vent Magnetic Universal Car Mount for Smartphones, 2 Pack - Deal Alert

The MagGrip Vent Car Mount is a sturdy, cradle-less device holding system focused on simplicity. Pop it onto your car's air vent and magnets do all the work. A 2-pack is currently significantly discounted to just $8 on Amazon.

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iPhone: How often do you upgrade?

Each year Apple releases a new iPhone, but how often do you upgrade to the latest model?

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